Samuel Orso

Samuel Orso

postdoctoral scholar

Geneva School of Economics and Management

About Me

Since 2019, I work as a postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Prof. Stéphane Guerrier at the University of Geneva where I enjoy contributing to our various interdisciplinary projects. My main interest is on parametric and semi-parametric interval-estimation methods in finite sample or high-dimensional regimes.


Ph.D. in statistics
2013 - 2019 · University of Geneva
Thesis: Contributions to simulation-based estimation methods.
M.S. in statistics
2011 - 2013 · University of Geneva
Thesis: Robust Estimation for Bivariate Distribution.
B.S. in management
2008 - 2011 · University of Geneva


Journal Articles

2020. Guerrier, Stéphane, Jurado, Juan, Khaghani, Mehran, Bakalli, Gaetan, Karemera, Mucyo, Molinari, Roberto, Orso, Samuel, Raquet, John, Schubert, Christine, Skaloud, Jan, Xu, Haotian, Zhang, Yuming. Wavelet-Based Moment-Matching Techniques for Inertial Sensor Calibration. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement.

2018. Branca, Mattia, Orso, Samuel, Molinari, Roberto C, Xu, Haotian, Guerrier, Stéphane, Zhang, Yuming, Mili, Nabil. Is nonmetastatic cutaneous melanoma predictable through genomic biomarkers?. Melanoma research 28(1) 21-29.

2018. Guerrier, Stéphane, Orso, Samuel, Victoria-Feser, Maria-Pia. Parametric inference for index functionals. Econometrics 6(2) 22.

2016. Guerrier, Stéphane, Mili, Nabil, Molinari, Roberto, Orso, Samuel, Avella-Medina, Marco, Ma, Yanyuan. A predictive based regression algorithm for gene network selection. Frontiers in Genetics 7 97.

Working papers

2020. Roberto Molinari, Gaetan Bakalli, Stéphane Guerrier, Cesare Miglioli, Samuel Orso, Olivier Scaillet. SWAG: A Wrapper Method for Sparse Learning. arXiv.

2019. Guerrier, Stéphane, Karemera, Mucyo, Orso, Samuel, Victoria-Feser, Maria-Pia. Phase Transition Unbiased Estimation in High Dimensional Settings. arXiv.

2019. Guerrier, Stéphane, Karemera, Mucyo, Orso, Samuel, Victoria-Feser, Maria-Pia. A simple recipe for making accurate parametric inference in finite sample. arXiv.